Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing guidelines, all classes are offered online via small group or individual video conferencing until further notice.

This class is for those who have a basic understanding of their cameras manual functions but have always wanted to improve their bird photography.

This class can also be scheduled one-on-one, frequently at a time convenient for you. Contact me to schedule your own private lesson.

Beginning Bird Photography was born from hearing the same questions again and again about how to make better images from people taking my photography classes and workshops over the years.

What Beginning Bird Photography does is teach you a simple system that has worked for all of my students and will work for you.

Beginning Bird Photography shows you, using the equipment you have now, which manual settings to begin using, how to adjust them and how to use them so you can start making the beautiful shots that you've always wanted.

Whether your interest is backyard birds or wildlife or photography in general, the lessons you learn here will apply to all photography

Cost is $75 for a one hour session, currently held via video conference using zoom.

Contact me to schedule your class.

Looking forward to helping you learn how to make better images!

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