MIdwest Imagery's classes and workshops will help you make better images.

These classes and workshops are for people just beginning photography to advanced hobbyists wanting to learn new tricks and techniques.

I have been teaching photography, lighting and post production for many years and in that time, I hear the same questions again and again.

As a result, I have developed a system of teaching photography that is easy to learn. No confusing technical jargon, or difficult concepts, no treatises on chromatic aberration or circles of confusion or lens breathing, just the settings you need to use, and why, to get you making the images you've always dreamed of.

My classes and workshops are limited in size so everybody can get individual attention and can often be flexibly scheduled and tailored to meet your needs.

If my simple system works for me, and the hundreds and hundreds of people I have taught, it will work for you.

Hover your cursor over the "Learn" menu to view my classes, then contact me today for scheduling or general questions; you'll be glad you did! 

I look forward to helping you make better pictures!


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